An abstract expression in Sanskrit to denote tangible and intangible things that are born out out of the mind (mana).

Thought, leading to action and substance has always held the fascination of philosophers and scientists. When we put our thoughts to work, we are witnessing a birth. Thats what manasaa is about.

software, hardware, and mindware::

Engineering is a rule-based pursuit of creation. And construction of systems with software and hardware is a creation mind-born. Working with a spectrum of technologies, we do not see our world as being inter-disciplinary. It is, indeed, one single discipline - that of creation.

Of the many things about technology that excite us, we are particularly fond of systems that involve interaction with the physical world. Things like embedded devices, wireless communication, electro-mechanical controls, and robotics keeps us happily busy. We also love maths and models. But only as long as they help us in doing what we like doing. Which is why we actively participate in academic research projects where we explore cutting-edge technologies and concepts.

we are up and running::

We are based in Switzerland (yes, we have a view of the mountains from our office window), along with a development team in India. Our focus is to offer consultancy in the areas of low energy wireless networking, the semantic web, and embedded systems.

and wired up to hear from you on info  {@} manasaa {dot} com