You can invoke us for almost anything. Well, to be more precise we can be casted for anything that involves software and hardware. It could be just software as long as it does something like blinking and beeping of things. Just hardware is even better.

And yes, about vision - so far we have been tinkering happily. Lets say, we will keep it that way.


Transmitting and receiving those bits and bytes over the air is amazing. In fact, we are amazed that it works at all! All those trouble in making sure that data goes across makes super-hetrodyne seem lame. Which is why we are into things like Bluetooth Low Energy, Thread, ZigBee, LPWAN, 6LowPAN etc.


The smell of solder flux wafts through our office. And sometimes the smell of a smoking diode. Amongst the clutter, you can find mostly embedded devices, IO peripherals and a half-eaten sandwich. Oh yes - some of us still know how to measure the trans-conductance of a triode. So, if you need some prototyping and development of hardware, you know where there is smoke, there is a good chance.


Now this is really wayward. But in the last five years we have discovered that knowledge about how things tick is lost in the black hole of data storage. We are convinced that machine-readable knowledge is going to be the key in machine-to-machine integration. In the society of machines, semantics pave the way for meaningful interactions. We are intensively researching the use of semantic data (in the form of RDF) for fault detection and diagnostics. If you have things that have lot to say, but are unable to get them express themselves, let us know. We are sort of thing wishperers


The pure joy of design object oriented code can only be matched by the pleasure of watching the software serve its purpose. What platforms and technologies do we work on? Well, anything that is required to solve the problem at hand! In our long journey through the coded woods we have learnt to craft programs with the realization that its transcoding of thought.